December 27, 2019

As a passionate developer, I also write books or help the community to write great ones!

“Software architecture, all you need to know”

The evolution of web and development standards, coupled with the multiplication of technologies allowing the development of web applications, associated frameworks and tools, have generated the need to define a clear project architecture.

This book is intended for decision makers, who will be able to better understand what an architect can contribute, and what they are entitled to expect from it, developers, who will be able to have a clearer vision of the role of an architect on their project, and understand in which cases patterns can be applied and finally, to anyone in the web field (project managers, product owners,…), who will be able to broaden their vision.

Extending Symfony2 Web Application Framework

This book was written by Sebastien Armand, a french Symfony enthusiast who lives in Beijing, China.

I’ve worked over 1 month to make a technical review of this book. My role was to ensure that code examples fills with the book content. I’ve also ensured that code works and is optimized. In this book, you will extend the main elements of Symfony2, learn about the internal Symfony2 framework and how to customize developed web applications with Symfony2.

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