December 27, 2019

As a passionate developer, I share a lot of things and develop on open-source and associative projects.

Applications I sell


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Designed for Apple Macbooks with a Touch Bar but you could also use it without a Touch Bar and just use the shortcuts or systray icon to mute your microphone.

This application mutes your microphone entirely on your system so it mutes the microphone on every application your can use.

For more details about this application, please go on the MuteBar dedicated page.

Open-source libraries

As a passionate developer, I share a lot of things and develop on open-source and associative projects.

☔️ Gocache

Guess what is Gocache? a Go cache library. This is an extendable cache library that brings you a lot of features for caching data.

It brings to you multiple cache stores (in memory, redis, or your own custom store), a chain cache to use multiple cache with a priority order (memory then fallback to a redis shared cache for instance), a loadable cache that allow you to call a callback function to put your data back in cache, metric management to let you store metrics about your caches usage (hits, miss, set success, set error, …), a marshaler to automatically marshal/unmarshal your cache values as a struct and a cache invalidation by expiration time and/or using tags.

👨‍💻 Monday

Monday is a CLI developer tool that allows developers working microservices to run both local applications and/or forward some others to (or from, using remote-forward) Kubernetes, SSH or again a simple TCP proxy connection.

It’s also focussing on unifying software developers dev environment by allowing to share a configuration and setup of applications for every developers that work in the technical stack.

🦾 PI-Hole Prometheus Exporter

PI-Hole is a network ad-blocker that runs on a Raspberry PI. I have developed a Prometheus exporter (written in Go) in order to expose PI-Hole metrics to Prometheus’s scraper. I’ve also published a Grafana dashboard for it.

💨 Gofast microframework

This is a really simple Golang micro-framework I wrote in order to learn the language and run this personal website under. It is really simple and easy-to-use to provide many things

🐳 Docker Symfony

This is a complete stack for running Symfony 4 (latest version: Flex) into Docker containers using docker-compose tool.

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